BeyondCore Secures 5 New Automated Analytics Patents for its One-Click Smart Data Discovery Analytics Solution

Unique Approach to Automatically Detecting & Presenting Stories Hidden in Data is the First to Deliver Meaningful, Accurate Analysis, Enable Smarter Business Decisions

BeyondCore today announced it has been awarded five new patents for technologies that enable its smart pattern discovery products to put powerful analytics capabilities at the fingertips of every business user.

The new patents bring the total number of patented BeyondCore technologies to 15 and validate its position as the most advanced and complete Smart Data Discovery solution, which Gartner has predicted to be the next disruptive technology in the Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics market.

“While vendor products are still maturing, Gartner believes that smart data discovery will be one of the next analytics market disruptions, as it addresses many of the limitations of current data discovery tools while making it possible to efficiently extend insights from advanced analytics to an even broader range of users or citizen data scientists,” wrote analysts Rita L. Sallam and Josh Parenteauin their June 29, 2015 report, “Smart Data Discovery will Enable a New Class of Citizen Data Scientists.”

BeyondCore’s newly patented technologies overcome the limitations of current analytics tools, empowering business users with unique capabilities for uncovering hidden actionable insights in their data. BeyondCore can even recommend that users make specific changes to influence desired outcomes, all within the context of a BeyondCore Story—a detailed and insightful narrative that explains the automatically-detected insights and provides prescriptive recommendations. The platform integrates seamlessly with SAP HANA and Microsoft Office, and is available as an add-in to Google Apps, making this powerful analytics capability accessible and within reach of every business user.

“BeyondCore’s mantra has always been ‘your people, your data, five minutes,’ and these newly patented technologies are at the core of our ability to deliver on that promise,” said BeyondCore CEO, founder and joint patent-holder Arijit Sengupta. “These capabilities already enable 23 of the Fortune 500 to ask all of the questions of their data, to uncover hidden insights that are the most meaningful, actionable and accurate, and show what’s missing with conventional BI and analytics. BeyondCore is light-years ahead of our competitors, and is delivering real results today.”

The new patents include:

  • U.S. Patent #9,098,810 – Recommending changes to variables of a data set to impact a desired outcome of the data set.
  • U.S. Patent #9,129,226 – Analyzing data sets with the help of inexpert humans to find patterns.
  • U.S. Patent #9,135,286 – Identifying contributors that explain differences between subsets of a data set.
  • U.S. Patent #9,135,290 – Analyzing time variations in a data set.
  • U.S. Patent #9,141,655 – Multi-screen reporting of deviation patterns within a data set.

These technologies power BeyondCore’s enterprise and BeyondCore for Office products that deliver one-click analysis, automated data discovery, statistical validation and intuitive reporting that’s easy for front-line business users to consume, share and act upon to make critical business decisions.

Sengupta will demonstrate these powerful new technologies working with SAP HANA during a presentation at the Siemer Summit inLos Angeles at 2:40 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14 and at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

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About BeyondCore

BeyondCore is on a mission to “Empower every business user with the power of analytics.” BeyondCore automates the discovery of meaningful patterns in data. Backed by 15 patents and eight years of real-world experience, BeyondCore Analytics empowers business users to find actionable insights in minutes and make decisions with confidence. BeyondCore has been used by 23 of the Fortune 500 companies to discover patterns hidden in their Big Data, to diagnose drivers of the insights, and to predict improvements based on auto-recommended actions. For more information, visit for Insights that Matter.

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